Wednesday, February 29

The return of the SHAGGY BLACK SWEATER

Remember the 
1980's black shag 
sweater from the
  'But A Button' entry?  

Lets pair it with 




tHe iNstant CoCkTail drEsS!!

I found this great 1960's cropped sequin top that is magical! Take any plain old a-line sleeveless dress, don this top and POOF! Cocktail dress!!

Every day I ride the train into NYC for work and I'm always on the lookout for a new project! This top needed major TLC so I was instantly drawn.  I grabbed some cream colored thread and needle, and off to the train!  

...the back of the top closes with a hook and eye at the neck... it came with a hook, but no eye.. (cue Debra JEan!)

I reinforced a lot of the beads and sequins by carefully adding new threads, and tying off old threads that had come loose to keep them from getting worse.  

YOu can see the detail in the bead work here...

(... hmm hmm.. also, check out the awesome hardware on my great 'shabby chic' cabinet.. 
love how someone slightly painted it over... 
the kind of 'messiness' that is hard to plan but a great 'shabby' touch...
flea market.. $15!!)

OH! And the best part is the back of the top is open from the hook and eye at the neck to the bottom trim of the bead work where it connects (lots of reinforcements needed there...)

Sorry, I couldn't stop photographing this elegant top 
against my 'shabby' cabi !! 
 I just love the contrast!

Can't wait to pair this with a boring plain old black dress and POOF!  Cocktail time !