Monday, November 29

BUT A BUtTon...

I've saved just about every button 
that has EVeR crossed my path
 (as well as searched flea markets and collect antique ones)

 Every time I need to spruce up an old garment
or alter something new that I have found, 
I have TONS of fun 
to choose from.  

The small white buttons 
that came on this jacket 
had to go...



I think the dark navy blue buttons accent the trim of the jacket while blending in and giving a more cohesive look... yay buttons

Check out this 1980's black shag sweater... came with small clear gem stone buttons that you see above which I really didn't like (but of course I saved them!!) 

But luckily when I saw eyed this sweater at Love Saves the Day 
I had the perfect button in mind...

Antique black and gold button that I found at The Nugget 
I had been looking for a home for this lone button for a long time,
 but I knew something would come up!!

SOOOOoooo... check out the transition....

aFTER with NUGGET button 

When I saw the shag sweater I loved it instantly, but those gem stone buttons were just too much.  Now the shag sweater has a sleeker, more sophisticated and streamlined look.

So in conclusion... NEVER ... let 'but a button' get you down...

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